Why Chiropractic?

Chiropractic is the preferred method of natural healing for those seeking alternative or complementary health care for acute as well as chronic conditions.

While people first visit a chiropractor for relief of pain in specific areas (most commonly the back), they quickly discover that the chiropractor approaches their health from the holistic perspective rather than just focusing on the specific area of pain or injury.  A chiropractor will partner with you to ensure your optimal health.

Why Quantum Spinal Mechanics 3 or QSM3 Upper Cervical Care?

This specialized form of chiropractic uses the body’s objective measure each and every visit to obtain up to date information on how and what to adjust on any particular visit.  QSM3 measure 8 distinctive biomechanical (structural and neurological) movements every single visit, with that information the Chiropractor uses a precise adjustment to restore and open up the nervous system and body to fully integrate with its surroundings.

If you have never experienced chiropractic, do not want to be twisted/popped/crack in the neck, then QSM3 is an awesome option for you!


Triggers your body’s ability to heal

Chiropractors know that your health is affected by many things including nutrition, sleep, exercise and heredity.  By naturally maintaining your health, chiropractic will help your body to resist disease rather than just masking the symptoms of disease.

Starts with a thorough evaluation

You will be evaluated using many time-honored methods such as a physical examination, case history, consultation, and imaging when necessary.  Additionally, you will receive a structural and postural examination with a focus on global well-being.

Involves no drugs or surgery

When subluxations (misaligned vertebra) are found, a chiropractor will never resort to drugs or surgical techniques.  Instead they will perform a precise, objective adjustment, without the rotation/pop/crack/twist, to encourage your body’s nervous system to more effectively manage the body’s functions especially those related to healing damaged areas.

Partners with other healthcare professionals

A chiropractor works well in conjunction with other healthcare professionals.  If you require the assistance of other healthcare providers, your chiropractor will be happy to make the referral.