Sympathetic listener

“I am very happy that I was referred to Dr. Larry at Specific Chiropractic in Walnut Creek!  He is very sympathetic and listens closely to your specific needs.  He is an honest and good Chiropractor and has a great massage therapist on his staff.  You will not be disappointed when going to Dr. Larry.  I would recommend him to anyone.”  Keila P.

Thorough and friendly

“…I appreciate that he was thorough before he started doing anything!  On my follow up appointment he went over all the material and my diagnosis including an estimated number of treatments, the cost, and the time they take.  The adjustment table is very small since he only adjusts your neck.  The procedure is he rolls this thing up your neck to see if there are any temperature gradients.  A temperature gradient between the two sides indicates a problem and based on the X-ray he was able to pinpoint which vertebra was the source of the problem and needs adjustment.  After the adjustment you go lay down in a zero gravity chair for a while then get a second check to make sure things look better. Larry is always friendly and was willing to work around my schedule.  For me personally I like to understand the why of everything and I ask a lot of questions.  He was always willing to explain why he was doing what he was doing which is great.”   Lisa R.

Dr. Larry had faith in me!

“I have had severe facial pain for several years and no one would give me answers and told me there was no hope.  I happen to be listening to the radio one day and a commercial came on about upper cervical chiropractic and I called the number and I was fortunate enough to have Dr Larry Callaway answer the phone.  He has been a God send and even though I was not out of pain over night, he has faith in the power of healing and more importantly faith in patients like me. “ Shannon C.

Thank you for all that you do

“Dr Larry thank you for all you do. I am so grateful for your practice and your commitment to restore healthy alignment, increase mobility, and having pain free patients in your office.  Thank you for creating happiness in your community.”  Krisztina F.