“…I appreciate that he was thorough before he started doing anything!  On my follow up appointment he went over all the material and my diagnosis including an estimated number of treatments, the cost, and the time they take.  The adjustment table is very small since he only adjusts your neck.  The procedure is he rolls this thing up your neck to see if there are any temperature gradients.  A temperature gradient between the two sides indicates a problem and based on the X-ray he was able to pinpoint which vertebra was the source of the problem and needs adjustment.  After the adjustment you go lay down in a zero gravity chair for a while then get a second check to make sure things look better. Larry is always friendly and was willing to work around my schedule.  For me personally I like to understand the why of everything and I ask a lot of questions.  He was always willing to explain why he was doing what he was doing which is great.”   Lisa R.